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Keep your hands off your books. Let SDS NOSTRO do the work for you.
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SDS NOSTRO is a fully automated and cost-efficient multi-ledger accounting and reporting software for the management of principal holdings of securities and derivative financial instruments.

SDS NOSTRO addresses universal banks, service providers for securities processing and sub-custodians. SDS NOSTRO meets the requirements of accounting and balancing, controlling, external audits and supervisory and internal reporting completely.

Functional Highlights

  • Primary accounting according to national law.
  • Parallel accounting in accordance with IFRS.
  • Third-party accounting for other valuation regulations (i.e. comparative balance sheets, etc.).
  • Flexible parameterisation.
  • Consistent history of all data.
  • Multi-client and multi-language capability.
  • Disposal methods: FIFO and moving average method.
  • Netting of active, passive, long and short positions.
  • Exception Handling to support monitoring and internal individual processes.

Business Values

  • Fully automated and cost efficient.
  • Fully compliant to accounting regulations.
  • FDWH for evaluations, reporting solutions, revenue and risk-management.
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