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Keep your hands off your books. Let SDS NOSTRO do the work for you.
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SDS NOSTRO for SDS GEOS offers an efficient accounting solution for securities and derivative financial instruments for IFRS 9 and local GAAP that is constantly refined and enhanced to remain state-of-the-future.

The perfect enhancement to SDS GEOS: SDS NOSTRO, the multi-ledger accounting and reporting solution for principal holdings of securities and derivative financial instruments. The requirements of accounting, balancing, controlling as well as supervisory and internal reporting are completely covered. Furthermore, SDS NOSTRO provides multi-client institution capability, multi-language capability, multi-currency capability and central servicing. SDS NOSTRO Financial Data Warehouse (FDWH) data can be used for evaluations and reporting solutions (treasury reporting), for revenue and risk management etc.

Functional Highlights

  • Primary accounting according to national law.
  • Parallel accounting in accordance with IFRS.
  • Third-party accounting for other valuation regulations (i.e. comparative balance sheets, etc.).
  • Flexible parameterisation.
  • Consistent history of all data.
  • Multi-client and multi-language capability.
  • Disposal methods: FIFO and moving average method.
  • Netting of active, passive, long and short positions.
  • Exception Handling to support monitoring and internal individual processes.

Business Values

  • Fully automated and cost efficient.
  • Fully compliant to accounting regulations.
  • FDWH for evaluations, reporting solutions, revenue and risk-management.
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