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SDS CCONFORM is the central software solution for automated monitoring of securities compliance according to the current Market Abuse Directive (MAD/MAR).

The perfect enhancement to SDS GEOS: SDS CCONFORM specifically addresses banks and financial institutions acting in Europe. The recognition and documentation of compliance-relevant incidents in SDS CCONFORM offer financial institutions security and extensive precaution against penalties or damage to reputation in the securities business.

Functional Highlights

  • Coverage of different regulations (MAD, MAR, SCC).
  • Multi-entity, multi-language and multi-country capabilities.
  • Automatic and rule-based transaction evaluation.
  • Predefined pattern rules and easy adaptation to individual requirements.
  • Integrated Exception Handling.

Business Values

  • Full compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation and Directive of the European Union.
  • Combating insider dealing and market manipulation in European financial markets.
  • Minimisation of financial risks and damage to reputation.
  • Convenience and reliability for securities compliance officer tasks.

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