Testing Services

SDS TestAhead

Better projects through better testing.
Finding the whole in the detail and vice versa./Microscopy photo/Skin fluc, Benedenia seriolae worm

SDS TESTAHEAD gets you safely to market faster, reducing costs and guaranteeing reliability through expertise and experience.

SDS TESTAHEAD offers the decisive advantage in the integration of our software products into the system environment of our customers. This ensures the business head start, early detections of potential issues, an increase in quality and a reduction in time and effort.

Scope of Service

  • Test-specification and -automation of individual business scenarios.
  • Customer-specific system configuration and testing data.
  • Consideration of specific system interfaces and partner systems.
  • Analysis of test results and defect management.
  • Availability of testing results per software delivery.
  • Testing of cross-system business processes.
  • Application of efficient and innovative “shift left” principle.

Business Values

  • Availability as add-on service exclusively for SDS customers.
  • Decisive advantages in the integration of SDS products into your system landscape:
  • 25-40% reduction of throughput time during integration and acceptance.
  • 25-40% savings in testing efforts.
  • 25-40% reduction in the number of productive incidents.