Tailor-made for business requirements.
Finding the whole in the detail and vice versa./Microscopic-photo/Plant.

With the support of professional experts, SDS PROFESSIONAL TESTING services allow for your IT processes to become market-ready in a quick, efficient and reliable way.

SDS PROFESSIONAL TESTING particularly addresses organisations from the areas of financial services and telecommunication as well as software vendors. SDS PROFESSIONAL TESTING enables you to considerably improve the quality of your systems and to sustainably reduce production risks.

Scope of Services

  • Professional testing, tailor-made for business requirements.
  • Certified teams systematically test business scenarios.
  • Clearly defined, standardised collaboration and process models regulate the integration into your process landscape.
  • Efficient test automation for existing standard business processes (regression tests).
  • Meaningful test and error reports.
  • Standard modules and optional modules for individual needs.

Business Values

  • Short time-to-market through in-time project management.
  • Intensive and timely cooperation with certified experts.
  • Reduction of deviations between requirements and results.
  • Functional and operational quality in production and operations.
  • Establishment of efficient process flows with optimised resource expenditure.
  • Highly efficient test automation.
  • 100% transparency and traceability of the tests.
  • Clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).
  • Increased profitability, market share and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of production errors by up to 50% with simultaneous cost savings of up to 30%.

Customer Excerpt