SDS WHITEPAPER: Monitoring of securities and derivatives transactions

MAD II/MAR – The EU Market Abuse Regulation has created a uniform legal framework and catalogue of criminal law for the prohibition of market manipulation and insider trading since 2016. Moreover, financial institutions have been obliged to take active and proactive measures in order to avoid these criminal offences in their own backyard. The amendments pose significant challenges for the financial industry, especially the banking sector, and their IT systems. Traditional methods for monitoring securities compliance are no longer effective here – therefore, new procedures have to be implemented. Almost three years later, it is time to take stock of the success of MAD/MAR and of the current market developments. The Austrian software vendor SDS (Software Daten Service) continuously sets digital standards in terms of advanced solutions for securities processing, regulatory issues and compliance for the international financial industry. SDS’ latest white paper on MAD/MAR compliance concisely summarises the most significant findings and experiences from three years of practical application and also provides approaches for the automated monitoring of securities and derivatives transactions.

SDS WHITEPAPER: Technology on Tax

Can the calculation, withholding and certification of taxes by the financial services sector represent a future-oriented scenario for a central software solution?

SDS IREG Whitepaper

Since the first reports in the framework of the US American FATCA regime four years have already passed. In the meantime already two years of CRS reporting according to the provisions of the OECD are over. In between the British CDOT reporting was to be considered, which has already been replaced by the CRS for the time being. Time to draw a conclusion of the findings obtained and to take a look into the future.