SDS Solution Consulting

SDS SOLUTION CONSULTING enables financial institutions to redesign their future success in the global securities business with sustainable values.

With our distinctive expertise and decades of experience, SDS SOLUTION CONSULTING is designed to analyse the most important influencing factors, to offer professional advice on securities- and technology-related topics and challenges, and to guide you through the optimum use of our solutions.

Scope of Services

  • Advice on: Selecting a target operating model. Key use cases and high level business processes. Defining an overall architectural design.
  • Sub-project setup and planning within an implementation and migration project/program.
  • Interface and data mapping.
  • Training (teach-the-teacher model) and testing services.
  • Sub-project management, documentation and quality assurance.

Business Values

  • Proven experience for digital solution planning.
  • Access to top-class experts with distinctive industry expertise.
  • Reduction of risks and costs of implementing our software solutions.
  • Creation of value and sustainable know-how.
  • Increasing efficiency in the implementation and operation of our solutions and services.