SDS GEOS is a leading standard software for automated and global securities processing with powerful modules for order management, settlement, position keeping (corporate actions) and master data management.

SDS GEOS addresses universal banks, service providers for securities transactions, and sub-custodians and has been optimised for processing large transaction volumes. SDS GEOS covers all aspects from the order to securities account services: the state-of-the-future securities software for your entire securities business.

Functional Highlights

  • Order management, settlement, and asset servicing for securities and derivatives.
  • Automatic processing of income and corporate actions.
  • Real-time position management and valuation.
  • Management of financial instruments, partners and markets as well as prices and corporate events.
  • Cash leg calculation including prices, fees, conditions, and taxes.
  • T2S and MiFID II compatibility.
  • Worldwide SWIFT compatibility.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for highest transaction volumes.

Business Values

  • Straight through processing as a design principle.
  • Highest efficiency.
  • Minimisation of costs and risks.
  • Multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-country capability.
  • Market proven longevity for over 20 years.


SDS NOSTRO is a fully automated and cost-efficient multi-ledger accounting and reporting software for the management of principal holdings of securities and derivative financial instruments.

SDS NOSTRO addresses credit institutions and financial service providers for securities processing. SDS NOSTRO meets the requirements of accounting and balancing, controlling, external audits and supervisory and internal reporting completely.

Functional Highlights

  • Primary accounting according to national law.
  • Parallel accounting in accordance with IFRS.
  • Third-party accounting for other valuation regulations (i.e. comparative balance sheets, etc.).
  • Flexible parameterisation.
  • Consistent history of all data.
  • Multi-client and multi-language capability.
  • Disposal methods: FIFO and moving average method.
  • Netting of active, passive, long and short positions.
  • Exception Handling to support monitoring and internal individual processes.

Business Values

  • Fully automated and cost efficient.
  • Fully compliant to accounting regulations.
  • FDWH for evaluations, reporting solutions, revenue and risk-management.


SDS MCOST is a software, which creates transparent disclosure for all product and service costs of investment in accordance with MiFID II Article 24.

The perfect enhancement to SDS GEOS: SDS MCOST is designed for financial institutions acting in Europe. By providing information about expected costs, SDS MCOST allows for optimum customer support and builds confidence between investors and financial institutions.

Functional Highlights

  • Ensuring compliance with Article 24 (Cost Transparency) of the EU’s MiFID II Directive.
  • Determination and disclosure of entry, follow-up and exit costs for all relevant transactions.
  • Optimal advice for customers on the financial consequences of investment decisions.
  • Full functional and technical integration into the advice and sales process.
  • Adaptable to new legal directives as well as to changes in internal fee structures.

Business Values

  • Swift integration into existing system environments.
  • Multi-entity, multi-country and multi-language capabilities.
  • No additional process costs due to full automation.
  • Substantial enhancement of advisory processes to customers.
  • Potential competitive advantages thanks to value-adding services.


SDS SBIS for SDS GEOS provides data warehouse analytics (DWH) for monitoring business processes and service level agreements (SLAs) in the international securities business.

SDS SBIS is the optimum product enhancement for banks, services providers and sub-custodians, who already use SDS GEOS. SDS SBIS for SDS GEOS enables financial institutions to prepare their securities transaction data from SDS GEOS for further analyses and processing with state-of-the-art business intelligence tools.

Functional Highlights

  • Assists with audits, reconciliation, controlling, business intelligence, management reports, and many more.
  • Provides all data which has been imported to or processed by SDS GEOS for analysis purposes.
  • Allows user-defined queries for this data.
  • Allows standard and ad-hoc queries.
  • It can be populated via near-time or batch provisioning.
  • Contains almost 5,000 attributes in 100 database tables.

Business Values

  • Perfect extension to SDS GEOS.
  • Automatic integration.
  • No queries on the production system necessary.
  • Business view on the data.
  • Optimized for data-mining, analysis, and queries by redundant keeping of data.
  • Accessible with all common business intelligence tools.