19 Apr
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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the orientation framework for the compliance culture of SDS. It combines two important aspects: on the one hand, the requirement to comply with the law and, on the other hand, the special requirements for behavior with integrity. For SDS, it is both an internal requirement and an external promise. It also ensures that SDS is and remains transparent and comprehensible to all.

What makes a company successful? A good product on its own will not tip the scales toward success, nor is it the only element in a customer’s decision to buy. A company’s reputation can also influence this decision. Business success requires something extra. Board members, managing directors, executives, and employees are expected to behave in a manner that complies with the legal obligations thus creating essentials such as trust, credibility, reliability, and good reputation.

That something extra also comprises integrity and each employee’s personal responsibility for his or her own actions. In less abstract terms, all these qualities together constitute the company’s value-based culture of compliance. This is a factor that also influences the success of SDS. Business success does not stand above legal obligations nor is it unrelated to morality or integrity. The way SDS achieves business success is at least as important as the very success itself, and the Code of Conduct provides the framework of orientation for this. It combines two essential aspects. All employees are expected to comply with legal obligations and to behave with integrity. For Deutsche Telekom, the Code of Conduct is the combination between internal demands and the promise to outside at the same time. It also ensures that SDS remains a transparent and traceable enterprise for everybody.

The Code of Conduct applies to all SDS-board members, managing directors, executives, and employees of the Deutsche Telekom AG worldwide.


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Janely Stelzer
Compliance Manager