30 May

The GEOS community is growing.

The GEOS management circle has become kind of a tradition by now and is an ideal opportunity not only for the exchange between our customers and SDS but also for the customers among each other. It took place on 27 April 2018.

GEOS ready for Linux / Oracle

An especially exciting topic for the entire community is the potential migration of GEOS instances to a Linux/Oracle environment. GEOS has already been in productive operation under Linux for several years, the optimised implementation for the database system Oracle has recently been carried out. There is already a first licensee for this configuration: ING DIBa Austria. First large-scale tests in the Oracle laboratory show that also the volumes of large customers can be processed without any problems. Further measures for performance optimisation have already been implemented and merely have to be verified to make sure that GEOS will be able to process the largest transaction volumes on the market under Linux/Oracle as well.

Regulatory topics 2018

Besides several final tasks regarding MiFID II, there are two potentially larger issues regarding the reporting regulations for SFTR and CSDR. In this context, the GDPR, for which we provided important functions in time, is of special interest. Whether additional work is required, also depends on the still pending regulation of the data protection authority and on the required interpretation of the regulation.
With the Adult Protection Law, which enters into force on 1 July 2018, another important task is to be accomplished. The required adaptations to the securities account master data, with which the roles of the individuals involved can be covered perfectly, will be carried out in due time.

The GEOS community is growing

By concluding a contract with Commerzbank for the takeover of settlement services, HSBC in Germany has won a large deal at the end of last year. This has substantially changed the settlement environment in Germany. By going live in 2020, the by far largest settlement unit on the German market will be created which leads to strong interest of the entire market in the development and success of the implementation project. Mr. Medler-Ulff, managing director of HSBC Transaction Services, gave an exciting and personal presentation and provided interesting insights into the project and the organisational measures for the agile implementation required due to the tight schedule.

This large project is not only interesting for HSBC Germany, but also for the entire community of GEOS users. It is a strong signal that GEOS is still state-of-the-art, and the most sustainable and best platform available for processing large volumes in our market.
We are also pleased to welcomeING-DiBa Austria among the direct licensees of GEOS. They decided to continue pursuing their growth plans on an individual instance of GEOS.

News from our product portfolio

User experience: Web UX Klimt
SDS delivers a new user interface. Web UX Klimt will provide an intuitive and modern web-based user interface for our products, based on the well-known framework Angular. The securities compliance tool c:Conform will be available as the first product in the new interface. Further existing and newly developed products will follow.

Automation in Exception Handling with artificial intelligence
Exception Handling is largely still manual work and presents a considerable part of the manual interventions in our applications. The potential of traditional methods of the automation has largely been exploited. In an exciting project we would like to further reduce the number of exceptions which must be manually edited. The methods considered for this purpose range from rule-based systems to the application of artificial intelligence.

Functional development
Besides technological innovations and the functional enhancements due to regulatory reasons we also offer new additional products to GEOS with the upcoming releases, e.g. for proxy voting, processing corporate actions according to target date “actual”, and in the area of parameterisation maintenance.


We are very happy about this successful event and the friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward to another event in autumn and would be delighted to welcome our customers again.

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Wolfgang Göb
Business Development Consultant