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06 Dec

SDS REPORT: RegTech for CSR/FATCA. A Snapshot

In addition, corresponding technologies which meet the comprehensive CRS requirements have been implemented. Download...
06 Dec

SDS REPORT: Data quality as a chronic challenge

Specifically for CRS and FATCA reporting, very high data quality is required to generate correct and complete reports...
06 Dec

SDS REPORT: Regulatory topics 2018

Together with our customers we put together an overview of these topics.
06 Dec

SDS REPORT: Success through agile methods in software testing

At SDS, we have developed an approach to compensate potential weak points which a rigid, linear procedure may entail,...
27 Nov

Get prepared for DAC 6. Wrap-up of the 2018 Operational Taxes for Banks, Europe

The first Infoline conference “Operational Taxes for Banks” took place in London in June. Now a second conference wit...
19 Oct

SDS Software Daten Service strengthens management team with Erste Bank top-manager.

As the market leader for solutions for financial market operations in the DACH region, the Austrian subsidiary of T-S...
10 Oct

RegTech for CRS/FATCA. A snapshot.

During the last few years, the international financial service sector had to extensively deal with the most important...
05 Oct

Wrap-up of 4th Annual Post Trade Forum: Capital Markets, Regulations and New Technologies.

Almost exactly 10 years after the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers triggered the financial crisis, the Annual Post Trad...
10 Sep

Opportunities and possibilities of a universal tax engine for the financial industry.

The tax issue will in the near future remain an essential factor in the efforts of the financial industry towards ach...
07 Aug

Data quality as a chronic challenge.

It is an unpleasant truth which people often tend to overlook: The master data is often not as good as one would like...
30 May

The GEOS community is growing.

The GEOS management circle took place on 27 April 2018. It has become kind of a tradition by now and is an ideal oppo...
26 Mar

MiFID II, Brexit, digitisation of the financial industry – some of the topics of the Financial Centre Meeting 2018.

The 11th Financial Centre Meeting in Frankfurt – “the best Financial Centre Meeting ever” (Quote: Jens Zinke, Managin...
28 Feb

Let’s do it! Success through agile methods in software testing.

For years, we have been hearing only one thing in software development: “We have to become agile!”. Nevertheless, man...
16 Jan

Regulatory topics 2018.

One of the repercussions of the crisis in 2008 was and is the re-regulation of the financial markets. This wave, whic...
11 Jan

Software Data Service GmbH is further expanding its market share in Germany

With the transfer of the securities processing of Commerzbank to HSBC Transaction Services, a significant percentage ...