SINCE 1974

Half a century of innovation and success

Welcome to the 50-year anniversary of Software Daten Service! For half a century, we have been a reliable partner in the financial industry and have provided our customers with innovative solutions. Come on in and join us in celebrating this eventful journey full of success, growth and reliability.
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About us

With a rich history that dates back to 18 April 1974, SDS has developed from an IT service provider of a private bank to a leading provider for the entire financial industry. From significant partnerships to groundbreaking products such as SDS GEOS, we have shaped the financial industry with a high level of dedication and with innovative solutions.

Our milestones

18. April 1974:Founding of SDS

1980er:Market leader for standard software with EOS in Austria

1993:Takeover by Raiffeisen Zentralbank

1994: Start of development of SDS GEOS

1998: Launch of SDS GEOS in Austria

2000: Market entry in Germany

2001: Market entry in Switzerland

2004: Takeover by T-Systems International

2008: Market entry in Luxembourg

2012: Introduction of multi-product and multi-service strategy

2013: Launch and market entry of SDS IREG in Austria and Germany

2014: Market entry with SDS IREG in UK and Switzerland

2014: Launch of SDS CCONFORM for SDS GEOS

2016: Launch of SDS MCOST for SDS GEOS

2021: Start of the SDS GEOS modularisation programme

2022: Availability of the product portfolio as software as a service

Today: The trust of leading financial institutions in the DACH region and the processing of hundreds of millions of securities transactions each year.

Taking a look into the future

In accordance with our guiding principle “STATE OF THE FUTURE”, we have embarked on a journey to modularise our flagship product SDS GEOS in the years to come. This way, our solutions can also be used by other market segments and in new markets. The system architecture selected for this purpose supports all common operational models.

Our goal is to remain a leading and reliable provider of banking software in Europe for generations to come.

Thank you to our employees

We would like to thank all of our employees, who have contributed to the success of SDS with their dedication, creativity and hard work. You are the heart of our company and we are grateful for your commitment.

Thank you to all customers, employees, proprietors and business partners for the support and trust in SDS over the years. We look forward to shaping the future together with you!