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    i:Reg CRS


    FATCA, especially the implementation of inter-governmental agreements, sparked a global wave of regulations for the automatic exchange of information and increasing tax transparency. This culminates in the global introduction of the OECD standards for automatic information exchange regarding financial accounts (Common Reporting Standard - CRS). The growing number of non-domestic clients to be included in cross-border reporting is one of the drivers for the implementation of automated reporting processes and applications.

    i:Reg CRS facilitates the automatic validation and report creation according to CRS or the corresponding national standards is possible. Different reporting formats and national special regulations can be covered easily and rapidly via configuration. Complex matters like correction messages as well as replies from competent authorities are handled thoroughly and automatically. The enormous technical and functional scalability of i:Reg allows a broad range of institutions and globally acting big banks. Centralised operation models, local deployments and hybrid scenarios are fully supported in a consistent way. Large global groups rely on our solution and implement i:Reg as a central tool for AEOL reporting as well as CRS and FATCA.

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    Webinar series: CRS compliance with the International Reporting Engine i:Reg

    Webinar 1: CRS compliance: Best practices for adhering to global tax reporting

    We have hosted a 60 minute webinar discussion with CRS/FATCA experts from RBS and SDS to get further insights into the market situation and more information on how FIs can prepare for reporting tasks that lie ahead.

    Download the webinar for free and get valuable information on:

    • Managing the complexities of CRS from the perspective of a leading global bank
    • Responding to large amounts of data, different regimes and local requirements
    • Dealing with correction reports
    • Central governance of group-wide automated reporting processes

    Webinar 2: Reliable CRS compliance with the International Reporting Engine i:Reg

    To give you practical insight into i:Reg’s functionalities, we have hosted a 60 minute webinar with our experts Dr. Lara Spendier, Software Architect Manager and Dr. Wolfgang Göb, Head of Business Development.

    Download the webinar for free and learn how the International Reporting Engine i:Reg can ease your CRS reporting pains:

    • Key functionalities and benefits of the International Reporting Engine i:Reg
    • Target operating models for a global roll-out
    • Live demo of i:Reg CRS with practical use cases

    Webinar: FATCA/CRS - Customer tax compliance for financial institutions

    New laws governing global Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) – currently being implemented as the OECD Common Reporting Standard (OECD CRS) – among major nations will place a greater compliance burden on financial institutions, many of which are already grappling with the complexities of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the bilateral anti-tax evasion legislation imposed by the US.

    Provision of robust data will lie at the heart of CRS requirements and, in this interview, Dr Wolfgang Goeb, head of business development at software vendor Software Daten Service, explains how financial institutions can begin to tackle the reporting challenges they will face.

    Duration: approx. 20 minutes

    Click here to watch the webinar


    Annual Conference on Banking Technology: SDS showcasing i:Reg - the global player in International Tax Reporting. Explore i:Reg, our compelling International Tax Reporting Engine for CRS, FATCA and QI, with over 2,500 reporting FIs in around 100 countries worldwide and a coverage of more than 60 country-specific deviations. Inspired for more?