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SDS MCOST is a software, which creates transparency for investors by providing all product and service costs of an investment required by MiFID II, ex-ante and ex-post.

SDS MCOST is designed for financial institutions acting in Europe. By providing information about expected costs, SDS MCOST allows for optimum customer support and builds confidence between investors and financial institutions.

Functional Highlights

  • Ensuring compliance with Article 24 (Cost Transparency) of the EU’s MiFID II Directive.
  • Determination and disclosure of entry, follow-up and exit costs for all relevant transactions.
  • Optimal advice for customers on the financial consequences of investment decisions.
  • Full functional and technical integration into the advice and sales process.
  • Adaptable to new legal directives as well as to changes in internal fee structures.

Business Values

  • Swift integration into existing system environments.
  • Multi-entity, multi-country and multi-language capabilities.
  • No additional process costs due to full automation.
  • Substantial enhancement of advisory processes to customers.
  • Potential competitive advantages thanks to value-adding services.

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