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SDS SBIS for SDS IREG is an analytical data warehouse (DWH), which is optimised for monitoring CRS, FATCA and QI reporting and compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) in the field fo regulatory reporting.

SDS SBIS is the optimum complement for regionally and globally acting financial institutions that use SDS IREG. SDS SBIS for SDS IREG enables financial institutions to prepare relevant CRS, FATCA and QI reporting data from the SDS IREG database for further analyses and processing with state-of-the-art business intelligence tools.

Functional Highlights

  • Assists with audits, reconciliation, controlling, business intelligence, management reports and many more.
  • Provides all data which has been imported to or processed by SDS IREG for analysis purposes.
  • Allows user-defined queries for this data.
  • Allows standard and ad-hoc queries.
  • Can be populated via near-time or batch provisioning.
  • Contains almost 5,000 attributes in 100 database tables.

Business Values

  • Perfect extension to the international reporting engine SDS IREG.
  • Automatic integration.
  • No queries on the production system necessary.
  • Business view on the data.
  • Optimised for data-mining, analysis and queries.
  • Automated journal which logs all changes in SDS IREG and SDS SBIS for SDS IREG.
  • Accessible with all common business intelligence tools.