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    SDS solutions

    With the markets in constant flux, financial institutions are facing ever greater challenges in terms of service quality and cost efficiency. At the same time, speed and the ability to adapt to new legal requirements, product innovations or new business models are paramount. Different sourcing models including cross-border scenarios as well as fluctuating volumes on volatile markets also have to be taken into account.
    Processing software needs to represent a long-term solution capable of keeping pace with future, increasingly complex requirements which tend to change more and more frequently. With its product portfolio, Software Daten Service supports banks and financial services providers in coping with these challenges.

    Securities Processing GEOS

    With the markets in constant flux and intensifying regulations, banks and financial institutions are facing ever greater challenges. In the long term, the software platform defines the general conditions for the development of the securities processing business. It can either restrict the management's freedom of movement or open the door to new business models and changes in strategic moves regarding product portfolio, service quality and cost efficiency.

    Our flagship product GEOS is the back-office software for real-time processing of securities and derivatives transactions for international financial service providers. Retail and private banks, transaction banks, custodians as well as asset manager/robo-advisors use this versatile and comprehensive solution for integrated business processes and highest STP rates in the area of transaction processing.




    Securities Compliance c:Conform

    The compliance office, one of the most sensitive areas in the financial services industry, is governed by increasingly far-reaching laws and regulations. These concern EU standards as well as country-specific laws and regulations. Compliance officers are facing a growing number of new challenges, e.g. monitoring employee trades or regulations regarding insider trading and market manipulation. The new compliance tool is a compact, central solution for the complex and demanding job of a securities compliance officer. It is used to document compliance-related incidents immediately and in full. This ensures efficient internal reporting as well as reporting to supervisory authorities.




    Financial Instruments Accounting Nostro

    Nostro is a position keeping, balancing and valuation solution for securities and derivatives of own holdings of a financial institution. The application meets all accounting, balancing, controlling, auditing, supervisory and internal reporting requirements.




    International Regulatory Reporting i:Reg

    Financial service providers are increasingly facing reporting requirements which also include sensitive personal data. The most famous example for this is the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) with FATCA and CRS.

    The reporting engine i:Reg covers all reporting requirements in respect to FATCA, Qualified Intermediary Reporting (QI) and CRS in an automated and reliable way.




    MiFID II Article 24 m:Cost

    Article 24 of the European MIFiD II directive regulates investor protection and the information about anticipated and actual costs of a financial investment to which an investor is entitled. Within this framework, a financial intermediary has to disclose the costs likely to be incurred for rendering services to the customer during the entire lifetime of an investment. Moreover, costs associated with the financial product itself (e.g. management fees) have to be indicated.

    Our product m:Cost automatically calculates these amounts and considers any existing individual conditions of a customer. The reference data and assumptions required for this purpose can be stored in flexibly definable models and can be evaluated in a fully transparent and traceable way. Due to its multi-entity and multi-country capabilities, m:Cost is the optimal solution for major financial service providers.


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    Annual Conference on Banking Technology: SDS showcasing i:Reg - the global player in International Tax Reporting. Explore i:Reg, our compelling International Tax Reporting Engine for CRS, FATCA and QI, with over 2,500 reporting FIs in around 100 countries worldwide and a coverage of more than 60 country-specific deviations. Inspired for more?


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