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    Our securities processing system GEOS consists of several modules. Here you can find a short description of the individual modules.

    Securities Processing with our software GEOS

    Our securities processing system GEOS consists of several modules. Below you find a short description of the individual modules.


    GEOS Ordermanagement
    Efficient order management for securities and standardised derivatives due to integrated business processes on a single platform.
    GEOS Ordermanagement covers the entire life cycle of securities transactions, from order acceptance and transfer, post-trade and settlement through to claims processing in a fully automated process, efficiently monitored by integrated exception handling.
    Savings plans and pension provision products are also covered as well as subscription and buy from offer.


    GEOS Corporate Actions
    STP also constitutes the design principle of GEOS Corporate Actions - from the reconciliation of event data with custodian advices, the determination of entitlements and customer notification to carrying out corporate actions. Separate processing is possible for special customers or particular events.

    Additional economies of scale can be achieved with the processing of several client institutions via a central service provider.


    GEOS Financial Instruments - Central management of financial instruments data

    GEOS Financial Instruments provides the applications with comprehensive information on financial instruments, markets and prices, corporate actions and events. A wide range of innovative financial products can be represented.

    Data collection is carried out via data feeds such as WM and SIX in a highly automated way.


    GEOS Securities Accounts
    GEOS Securities Accounts keeps the securities accounts agreement (including the related master data and additional agreements) and controls the service level, e.g. the scope of client communication of the most demanding of custody clients as well as compliance with restrictions in terms of support and processing.


    GEOS Position Keeping
    The cornerstone of GEOS Position Keeping is a high-performance posting system, which records all transaction-relevant data in real-time on a 24/7 basis and provides the current and target date holdings including valuation to the operative applications.


    GEOS Client Pricing Infrastructure

    GEOS CPI offers highest flexibility and time to market for designing and adapting condition models.

    The central module allows for freely definable accounting calculation variants and flexible price and formulation of terms based on master settings. The bank's product managers define customised terms in decision trees with any level of detail for all areas.


    GEOS Reporting Services
    Local tax and regulatory reporting components allow for client institutions from different countries to extract the data needed for legal reporting, process the data in line with reporting requirements and output the resulting values in interface tables.


    GEOS Repo / Lending
    Through the integration of repo/lending into the GEOS Suite the complexity of this transaction has been reduced drastically. Securities holdings and repo/lending transactions are available at a glance and can be settled jointly with the securities trading transaction in a system. This reduces the effort required for reconciliation and the operational risk. Repo and securities lending positions are displayed (separately) in the securities account statements. Compensation payments for cash income are automatically determined and posted within the framework of event processing.


    GEOS Business Information Store – s:Bis
    The strategic GEOS add-on product s:Bis provides the basis for current and future evaluation requirements of departments, management and end customers in the securities area. Apart from GEOS data the modern architecture of the process data warehouse provides the option to incorporate GEOS-external information. It represents all end-to-end processes using well-established business intelligence tools.

    The data model, further optimised for queries, can be operated on a mainframe or on alternative platforms (e.g. Linux). The state-of-the-art technology guarantees that performance will not be impaired in operative business.

    GEOS supports all relevant ISO 15022 securities messages with more than 60 In-/Out-SWIFT message types and the ISO 20022 standard with 20 XML messages. It has been awarded the SWIFTReady Securities Settlement Label several times as well as the SWIFTReady Corporate Actions Label the first time in 2011.

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