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    MiFID II / MiFID 2

    As a consequence of the global financial crisis in 2008, the regulatory complex MiFID II is currently the largest and most up-to-date component of the European financial market‘s restructuring. MiFID II does not only affect the processes and IT of financial service providers, but its influence goes way beyond to a fundamental strategic level. In particular in the retail business, virtually all offered products and services are currently under consideration from a cost and risk perspective.

    In a broad picture, MiFID II shows three focus areas:

    • Better investor protection with more information to be provided upfront to an investment decision
    • Massively increased transparency for trading venues and systematic internalisers with a pile of information to be made publicly available
    • Better monitoring capabilities for competent authorities bolstered by detailed, client-identifying transaction reports

    Our product portfolio is designed to cover the enhanced and new requirements of MiIFD II, and help our clients to easily and reliably set up MiFID II- compliant operations with minimum cost and risk.


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