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    s:Bis for i:Reg

    The Automatic Exchange of Information requires the import and the processing of a tremendous amount of data. Depending on the size and customer characteristics of a bank, the number of reporting-relevant accounts and transactions can easily be several millions. These numbers can even be higher for international banking groups. Performance-optimised processing is therefore an absolute necessity. On the other hand, financial institutions are faced with the requirement to control and analyse these data volumes fast and in an efficient way and to make this data available for other uses (e.g. audits, reconciliation, business intelligence, management reports).

    “s:Bis for i:Reg” not only gives you the opportunity to control the data which was imported to and processed by i:Reg, but it can also be used for various of other purposes.

    Many financial institutions are forced to consolidate data from various source systems in a single solution for the first time ever. This includes data from securities and derivatives processing as well as data from CRM and payment systems. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to get an easy overall view on this data and exploit this data for analysis, e.g. for compliance reasons. Another example is the analysis of payment flows: The re¬porting regime CRS requires the reporting of transactions of account holders who have their tax residency abroad. With “s:Bis for i:Reg” it is possible to analyse the payment flows of these customers and how they change over time.

    To be able to meet the various requirements in an ideal way, it is common practice to separate data processing (Online Transaction Processing OLTP) from the analysis of data (On¬line Analytical Processing OLAP). With this separation it can be ensured that analysis and queries can be carried out in a performant way, without affecting data processing in the production system. “s:Bis for i:Reg” is therefore the perfect enhancement for the existing reporting solution i:Reg.


    Further information

    On June the 21st 2018 the SDS Webinar Optimising: FATCA/CRS Reporting : Utilization of reporting data for business intelligence and process optimisation took place.

    FATCA/CRS reporting is now in "Business as Usual" mode and tax teams have already begun thinking about further streamlining of reporting processes, and/or partially outsourcing the process.In particular for large-scale operations and service providers, good quality control, plausibility checks and data validation is essential.

    During this 60 minute session they discuss:

    • Added value that can be drawn from the analysis of reporting data:

      - Process control and quality assurances 
      - SLA monitoring 
      - Business intelligence 

    • Showcase for a Business Information Store solution based on FATCA/CRS data  

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    Annual Conference on Banking Technology: SDS showcasing i:Reg - the global player in International Tax Reporting. Explore i:Reg, our compelling International Tax Reporting Engine for CRS, FATCA and QI, with over 2,500 reporting FIs in around 100 countries worldwide and a coverage of more than 60 country-specific deviations. Inspired for more?