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    i:Reg – the reliable software for Qualified Intermediary (QI) reporting


    Use this solution to automatically document and submit all required reports for the withholding tax concerning asset income.
    The Qualified Intermediary regime (more precisely, reporting under Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Internal Revenue Code) was introduced by the US tax authority in 2001 and required the tax retention as well as reporting for payments from US-American securities up to the reporting year 2016. As of reporting year 2017, derivatives with US-American underlying instruments are also covered by the QI regime. Almost all financial intermediaries worldwide who trade with US American securities and act as custodian are affected by this obligation.


    The solution: i:Reg – the reporting platform for QI reporting and more

    i:Reg offers the possibility to automatically create the reports necessary (from the group 1099, 945 (for US citizens) as well as 1042-S and 1042 (for non-US citizens)) as well as individual and pool reports. Moreover, the creation of paper reports and FIRE files is supported according to the standards of IRS. Of course these reports are always consistent between Chapter 3 (FATCA) and Chapter 4 (QI) upon the simultaneous creation of FATCA reporting files via i:Reg.

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