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    Managed testing services

    The systematic quality assurance of IT-based business processes is gaining importance as IT projects are steadily growing and the complexity in distributed system environments is increasing correspondingly.

    Poor IT quality has profound consequences for the entire business:

    • Incidents in production usually cause massive costs which go way beyond the IT department and usually also affect core processes.
    • The market position is substantially weakened if software is implemented incorrectly and the going live of new features is thus delayed.
    • IT supported business processes which do not work at all or only partially might not only result in unsatisfied customers and the company's loss of reputation but could also be followed by a drop of sales.

    The testing of new functionalities in combination with the safeguarding of existing processes generates constantly increasing testing volumes – classic manual testing can barely cope with this. Moreover, the increasing use of valuable specialists and IT experts for testing has a negative impact on daily business.

    On average, 18% of the budget for software development is used for testing. Financial services (20%) as well as consumer products, retail and distribution (22%) are frontrunners in this respect. Additionally, large expenses for testing are often not considered in the overall budget for development and integration projects. This is why it is all the more important to keep an eye on this budget item.

    ''Managed Testing Services (MTS)'' will help you to easily tackle growing testing volumes, improve quality and to keep track of the costs at the same time.


    The solution: Managed Testing Services

    MTS will accompany you in nearly all phases of your project and carry out testing tasks efficiently and consistently.

    The testing processes will be seamlessly integrated into your IT process landscape  - from test planning, test implementation to the final approval phase.

    The following graphic shows how this integration works and which areas are covered by Managed Testing Services.

    Figure 1: Model for Managed Testing Services in the application life cycle

    With Managed Testing Services (MTS), we will provide you with a professional testing factory tailored to your business requirements. This includes:

    • A certified team tests your business scenarios systematically in a structured and targeted way.
    • An experienced test manager coordinates the team and monitors the testing progress.
    • If desired, we can also take over testing infrastructure and test data management.
    • A clearly defined collaboration model regulates the interfaces to your IT processes (requirements engineering, design, development, operation, infrastructure, various transfer processes, etc.).
    • Efficient test automation for your existing standard business processes (regression testing) protects your daily business from undesired side effects during the implementation of new features.
    • We take particular care to perform tests in a traceable manner (test and error reports) and thus contribute significantly to error analysis.
    • The organisation of the test is subject to ongoing monitoring serving as a basis for continuous improvement.

    With our methodological testing, consequent test management, applied test automation and, if desired, the use of shoring as well, we create the perfect mix to keep costs as low as possible.


    You achieve

    • Double testing performance

    • Up to 50% less production errors

    • Up to 30% reduction of testing expenses


    The service modules of MTS in detail – feel free to choose

    The service elements of Managed Testing Services (MTS) are divided in standard and optional modules. With this modular structure, your ideal, individual service configuration can be assembled.

    Our service experts recommend the MTS standard modules as an integral part of successful test implementation. Their recommendation is based on experiences and best practices from previous projects. Not every project requires optional modules immediately, they may be additionally requested during the course of the project.

    You can freely choose from both categories. Our experts will gladly advise you and help you with defining your service package.


    MTS: standard modules

    • Initial standard assessment to valuate the current state and determine the requirements.
    • Planning and the transition to the implementation of the services (e.g. development of skills, introduction of new processes, creation of a technical basis for e.g. test automation, structuring and systematising test objects and many more) 
    • Functional test of all classic testing stages (integration, system and system integration test) as well as in the agile development environment (e.g. sprints)
    • Professional test and project management
    • Test automation in regression testing using standard tools or the test automation tool GTF (Global Test Framework) of SDS
    • Process to permanently improve your service quality
    • Transparent reporting


    MTS: optional modules

    • Test environment management
    • Test data management
    • Support by specialists and IT experts when implementing user acceptance and operational acceptance tests
    • Support for developer tests
    • Review of requirements and design documents
    • Load and performance tests


    Our commitment to excellent service quality

    For our customers, we focus on top-notch quality of our services without turning a blind eye to prices.

    We achieve high service quality through:

    • A certified and stable team consisting of testing experts designated to specific areas
    • Standardised testing processes harmonised with the customer's environment
    • Highly efficient test automation
    • 100% transparency and traceability in testing
    • Clearly defined service level agreements
    • A continual improvement process (CIP) as integral part of our services
    Figure 2: all benefits at a glance

    Head of Testing Services

    I am happy to help you with any questions or provide a presentation of our Testing Services for you!