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    SDS Webinar Optimising: FATCA/CRS Reporting : Utilization of reporting data for business intelligence and process optimisation

    FATCA/CRS reporting is now in "Business as Usual" mode and tax teams have already begun thinking about further streamlining of reporting processes, and/or partially outsourcing the process.In particular for large-scale operations and service providers, good quality control, plausibility checks and data validation is essential.


    Additionally, many tax reporting teams are looking at ways to utilise and leverage the data that is being collected for FATCA /CRS reporting purposes. In many ways, this is a unique source of carefully compiled and validated data, that can be utilised for other purposes. 

    Based on these observations our tax reporting experts have worked to simplify the access to reporting data and to further enhance the process quality in their reporting software i:Reg. 

    In this webinar we will demonstrate how a Business Information Store integrated into our solution i:Reg can be used to retrieve valuable information for business intelligence purposes. Attendees will also gain insight from Deloitte’s experts about the value and the potential use of this data.  


    During this 60 minute session they discuss:

    • Added value that can be drawn from the analysis of reporting data:

      - Process control and quality assurances 
      - SLA monitoring 
      - Business intelligence 

    • Showcase for a Business Information Store solution based on FATCA/CRS data   


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