SDS is with GEOS among the first application providers to be certified on IBM’s new family of expert integrated systems.

“IBM is excited to work with SDS, a leader in the financial industry,” said Michael Riegel, vice president of global ISVs, IBM. “Financial institutions are demanding optimized solutions and the combination of GEOS and the new IBM PureSystems will help them reduce complexity and drive innovation.”

We are proud to make IBM’s list of business partners certified on IBM PureSystems. With this certification, we are excited to change the enterprise IT experience as we know it and welcome our clients to the next era of computing.

As a IBM PureSystems certified business partner, we are not only able to offer an integrated, expert solution designed to simply address our client’s complex challenges, we will also give our clients the opportunity to increase ROI — by reducing development time and costs and growing business — and tap into the 70% of IT budgets currently devoted to upkeep of current systems for innovation.

After completing extensive training and testing, we are proud to be certified ready for IBM PureSystems and confident that our solutions will provide our clients with the level of satisfaction they expect and the level of simplicity they desire.

For more information about GEOS running on IBM PureSystems write to or visit GEOS is Ready for IBM PureSystems.

For more information about IBM PureSystems visit IBM PureSystems.